Azul Garcia Griego's Coaching

Azul Garcia Griego's Coaching

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Setting up a coaching session can be stressful, but we've made it worry free! When you're getting ready to purchase a coaching session, pick three times based on your preferred coach's availability that works for you. We'll then have your coach reach out to you with the time that works, and you'll be set!

In the event that none of the times you pick work out, we'll try and set up a special coaching time, or you will receive a full refund.

Azul has been playing the Pokemon TCG since 2010, winning a Regionals in his first season in Masters. Since then, he has quietly built an impressive résumé of Regional, National, and Worlds performances, finishing in the Top 16 of 2016. Last year, Azul became the first person to win two Regionals in the same season in the “eSports era” of the TCG, placing Top 4 at a third. This season, Azul is already well on his way to repeating another dominating season. Azul is also known as the architect behind numerous top performing decks, including most recently the Volcanion list that Igor used to win Hartford Regionals. One of the game’s top players, minds, and streamers, Azul’s expertise is unmatched. Request him now!

Azul has very flexible availability. Please contact us  if you would like to figure out a time that works for you before purchase. 

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