Rahul Reddy's Coaching

Rahul Reddy's Coaching


Setting up a coaching session can be stressful, but we've made it worry free! When you're getting ready to purchase a coaching session, pick three times based on your preferred coach's availability that works for you. We'll then have your coach reach out to you with the time that works, and you'll be set!

In the event that none of the times you pick work out, we'll try and set up a special coaching time, or you will receive a full refund.


Having played the game for a few years, Rahul finally broke onto the scene with the feel-good story of last season, surprising many with a dominant performance at his first, and the second Regional of the year. Proving that wasn’t a fluke, Rahul proceeded to make Top 8 at two more Regionals, even breaking his personal barrier and reaching Top 4 of the then-largest Regionals of all time. Adding numerous Top 16 and 32 Regionals finishes to those, Rahul, like Ryan, made a run for Top 16 NA without leaving North America. Likewise falling just short, Rahul is already over 75% of the way to an invite with no plans of stopping there. Rahul is known for his ability to dominate with a few decks, Vespiquen and Volcanion in particular, but has comfortably sleeved up anything he feels is the best play, finding success all the while. Request him now!

Rahul has a pretty open schedule. Contact us  with a time you would like for your coaching session and we will try to accommodate you.

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